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Welcome to the official JMCHAT community!

Membership of this community is moderated and you must apply to join. To apply, please fill out the application under the cut and post it as a comment (comments will be screened for your privacy). Then you can go to the "info" page and click "join community". your application will be reviewed and if deemed acceptable, we will approve your request to join the community.

-Basic Info-
AIM screen name:
Messenger ID:

How long have you been coming to JmChat?:
*please answer the following trivia questions. (please note that your acceptance is not based off of these)*
What is the JmChat's favorite food?:
What is penis?:
What is the best body part?:
What do we say instead of "oh man"?:

Your chances of being accepted are pretty much 100%. This is just to ensure that our community stays private. Thanks for following the rules :)
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